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An Unlikely Queen

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

It may be hard to believe God can use us in our ordinariness, that we are too far away from the sources of problems to be of use. But God came move over such distances. In the Bible, one such girl who experienced this was Ester. Ester was not only ordinary, born unknown, and not in a place of power, but she was among the exiled.

In 500 BC the King of Babylon laid waste to Jerusalem and scattered its people to the lands beyond. Ester ended up an exiled girl in Persia, and was rounded up by King Xerxes of Persia when he assembled a harem of young virgins to choose a new queen. From ransacked Jerusalem, exile in Persia and competition against who knows how many other girls, Ester was chosen.

But chosen to be queen was not enough. Ester learned of a plot to exterminate all Jews in Persia, lead by one of Xerxes’ key officials who did not realize Ester was a Jew herself, and was distraught to hear of the plan. At this point, Ester could have turned a blind eye but instead decided to truth God and have courage to confront the king. Doing this unsummoned could lead to her death, but this did not stop her.

Eventually she confronted Xerxes and he stayed her execution and was eventually convinced. This girl trusted in God and where He had placed her, and prevented genocide. It is easy to feel overwhelmed by the events surrounding you, and easier still to turn a blind eye, but like Ester, God has placed you where you are for a reason. He doesn’t need your help, but He desires it and chooses you to enact His will.

Be bold and unafraid to face the challenges around you. Remember who has placed you there, and you will succeed.

My book, Unlikely Fighter, is out and available through all major book retailers. Pick up a copy now!

My book, Unlikely Fighter, is out now!


I’m super excited about sharing it with all of you. It tells the story of my childhood and showed me that He had called me to be His Unlikely Fighter.

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Unlikely Fighter

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