Introducing a Pandemic Proof way to share the Gospel

Greg Stier
Greg Stier

Introducing our newly updated, highly anticipated Life in 6 Words app! Through this app, you can not only share the gospel face-to-face (from 6 feet away:)), but you can also share it using the app’s “audio story” functionality from the safety of your own home!

After all, you can’t quarantine the gospel!

Finally, there’s a way to still have social distancing and engage in gospel Check out the Audio Story feature in the Li6W app!witnessing!

And, as a bonus, it’s really cool looking, easy to use and super effective! 

After you download the app, push “Start a Conversation” and choose the “Send audio story” button. Then record your own voice on each slide of the app, There are cues embedded in the app to help you articulate your story and the gospel story in a clear and compelling way. 

The app then gives you the opportunity to send your friend, family member, co-worker, classmate or neighbor a text, e-mail or DM that invites them to check out the 6 words that changed your life. Your message includes a link that takes them to an introduction slide (with your voice narrating) and then through six G.O.S.P.E.L. slides that unpack the full story of the Good News of Jesus. Again, it’s your voice explaining each slide and helping them to understand the gospel.



Life in 6 Words App from Clear Design Group on Vimeo.

The newly updated version of the Life in 6 Words app went live on Saturday and I used it to engage two people in gospel conversations. I was surprised that, within seconds, I got a text response from Kaitlyn. Although she had only listened to 13% of the audio story (you can see in the app when they open it up and how much they listened to), we immediately began a texting conversation that allowed me to unpack the gospel.Watch your friends engage with the gospel story in the Li6W app

Tristan listened to 87% of the audio story and sent me a long text in reply. He loved the way I explained the gospel on the app and we have a conference call set up for tonight to talk through the message of Jesus. 

We are living in unprecedented times and this is an unprecedented tool to rise up with a gospel solution!

If you are a parent, why not have your tweens and teens use it to start a gospel conversation with their friends? If you’re a youth leader, challenge your youth group on your next Zoom call to download and use it. Pastors, encourage your entire congregation to download and use this one-of-a-kind app.

In addition to the audio story functionality, you can put the names of your unreached friends in a “Cause Circle” that will send you push notifications to remind you to pray for, care for and share the gospel with those they want to reach with the hope of Christ.

Engage with your Cause Circle in the Li6W appUse this pandemic proof way to share the message of Jesus. Encourage other believers you know to share the gospel as well using this unique and powerful app.

When it comes to using different methods of sharing the gospel I’m reminded of the old story of D.L. Moody, the great 19th Century evangelist. Someone told him once that they didn’t like his method of sharing the gospel. He asked them what their method was. They said that they didn’t really ever share the gospel. He said, “Well then, I like my method of sharing the gospel better than your method of not sharing it.

Whether you choose the Life in 6 Words app to share Jesus with others or some other method, make sure you are doing something to communicate this life-transforming, hope-giving, destiny-changing message to those you know.

People are more open now to the Good News of Jesus than anytime I can remember in recent history. The very foundations of what many have put their hope in (wealth, health, job, safety, etc.) have been shaken beneath them. The Life in 6 Words app will help point them to a sure and firm foundation which will never crack, crumble, or crash…Jesus!

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