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10 sure signs you’re about to get fired as the youth leader

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Greg Stier

I have met far too many youth leaders who have been fired. Some of them have been let go for legit reasons. Others have been fired because they were doing God’s work in God’s way and it created a ripple effect that not everyone liked. I even wrote a book called Firing Jesus that was inspired by the firing of a youth leader who was advancing the Gospel by reaching “those kids.”  The pastor didn’t like it and he lost his job as a result.

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With all this as a backdrop here are ten sure signs you’re about to get fired from your youth leader position.

1.  You ticked off the church treasurer…who is the sister-in-law to the head elder…who is brother to the pastor.

2.  You used the “pitch your tents” clip on Youth Sunday during your sermon and two days later you are invited to attend a “special meeting with the elders.” 

3.  The pastor refers to you as the next ex-youth pastor in staff meeting.

 4.  A group of church leaders are chatting quietly in the foyer but suddenly go silent and smile at you as you walk by.

5.  You left a kid behind on a mission trip and don’t realize it until you come back home.

6.  You just committed to becoming a Gospel Advancing youth leader but you are in an purely attractional church.

7.  The super compassionate pastor’s wife cries when she sees you and your family walking into church on Sunday morning and runs away screaming, “Why? Why? Why?

8.  The church sign reads: “Youth Pastor needed. Apply within.”

9.  The state superintendent of your denomination calls you and asks, “Are you okay? I heard the news.” 

10. A key tither’s teen no longer goes to youth group because of the “bad element” that is now attending on Wednesday night (raw new believers your other teenagers have reached.)

Sometimes it’s a good thing to get fired, especially if you are attending a church that devalues evangelism and disciple multiplication. Other times God can use you to transform the culture, not only of the youth ministry, but the entire church!

But either way, building a Gospel Advancing ministry requires risk. And, whether you lose your job or keep it, the risk is worth it! Precious young souls hang in the balance!

What are some other sure signs you’re about to get fired as the youth pastor?

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