How to Overcome Trauma from Your Past

We've all experienced various forms of trauma over the course of our lives. For some is has been verbal abuse,...
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Dear Church, It’s time to stop playing defense

 “And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it.” Jesus to Peter in Matthew 16:18 We are in a cultural moment where the church is reeling. Morally fallen pastors, Post-Covid-Lockdown church attendance plunges, congregations divided over politics, masks and vaccines,

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Lost souls are worth fighting for

“I have fought the good fight.” 2 Timothy 4:7 I come from a family of street fighters. Three of my uncles were competitive bodybuilders. The fourth was a bouncer at the toughest bar in Denver. The fifth was a Golden Gloves boxer, Judo champion and war hero. And all of them were men to be

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Unlikely Fighter

An Unlikely Mother

Have you ever been pushed beyond what you thought were your limits? Someone believed in you, and you dug deep and found the strength and resilience needed to accomplish the task, overcome the obstacles and endure the situation. We might think the perfect child, Jesus, would require the perfect family. But Mary was young, poor,

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King's crown like king David who was an unlikely king in the Bible
Unlikely Fighter

An Unlikely King

Have you ever been put in charge of a massive project? Being put in charge shows how much other people trust you to get the job done, and do it well. It can be stressful to have to have that much faith in you. Now imagine being placed in charge of a kingdom.    

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Lessons Learned

The 5 Most Important Lessons I’ve Learned Over My 30 Years at Dare 2 Share

It’s hard to believe that 30 years ago this month Dare 2 Share started. I’ll never forget sitting in Jonathan and Maybelle Smith’s home office and officially signing the paperwork that stated we were an official ministry. Jonathan was my former theology professor at Colorado Christian University and spiritual mentor during my college years. He

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Make a Move Start a Movement
Revival and Spiritual Movements

Make a move. Start a movement.

“If you want to start a movement, you’ve got to make a move.” Jerrod Gunter (Youth Pastor/Dare 2 Share Speaker) Every great movement started with someone who was willing to make a move. Esther made a move and saved a nation. David made a move and killed a giant. Jesus made a move and changed

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Flat tires, frustrations and always being ready to evangelize

Life’s little frustrations can lead to Gospel conversations. There’s few things more frustrating than a flat tire. Yesterday my wife got one on her way to her hair appointment. I drove there as soon as I could, trying to beat the storm clouds that were rolling over the front range of the Rocky Mountains. Quite

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Youth Ministry

If you miss teenagers, you miss the movement.

There’s a lot of talk in denominational leadership circles today about the need for more church plants and a stronger effort put toward church revitalization. I fully agree. We need more and stronger churches! As a former church planter myself, I see the need for strong Gospel Advancing, disciple-multiplying ministries within reach of every person

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Unlikely Fighter

Coming november 9

The story of how a fatherless street kid overcame violence, chaos, and confusion to become a radical Christ follower.

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