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Gospelize with Greg Stier: Life in 6 Words – “Everyone”

https://youtu.be/1WQVcTFKU0o In this month’s episode of Gospelize with Greg Stier, we continue our series about sharing the Gospel using the...
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Youth Ministry

3 SUPER STRATEGIC reasons we should focus on reaching teenagers for Christ

This is my 30th year in youth ministry. I founded Dare 2 Share in 1991 with the goal of reaching the next generation with the hope of Jesus. Since then, we’ve been blessed by God to inspire, equip and mobilize millions of teenagers worldwide through our catalytic events and Gospel advancing resources. I’m often asked,

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5 Rules Every Christian Should Follow When Talking Politics

The current political climate in America is more intense than anytime I can remember in my 55 years. It feels like two America’s are at war with each other, the conservatives vs. the liberals. Facebook and Twitter are lit up with angry conversations and strong opinions. People are being blocked and mocked left and right.

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Church Growth

Check out my podcast with the one and only Louie Giglio!

Can’t wait for you to watch this podcast! Louie Giglio is an amazing and creative pastor, preacher and thought leader. He has some super insightful things to say about worship, young people, the Gospel and evangelism during a pandemic! I was blown away by all that he had to say and I’m sure you will

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Sharing the Gospel

4 lessons the life of Bruce Lee can teach us about evangelism

I’ve always been a huge Bruce Lee fan. When his movie, Enter the Dragon, came out to theaters in the 70’s, I was hooked. Soon after watching Bruce Lee’s epic and, sadly, last film before his premature death,I signed up for Kung Fu lessons at the nearest and cheapest dojo I could find. Bruce Lee

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Effective Preaching

Your “gospel game” is far more important than your shoe game

Recently I made a post on Instagram that got a ton of comments. I posted a picture of a guy in sneakers with these words, “I’ve heard thousands of sermons in my 30+ years of ministry. Out of them all, I’d say 30% of the time the preacher gives the gospel & 30% of those

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