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5 Reasons I’m loving the “Read Scripture” app

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Greg Stier

We’re only six days into the New Year and, so far, I’m loving the Read Scripture app. To be honest, I had never heard of it before. But a good friend, Doug Holliday, recommended it to me a few weeks ago. I downloaded it and, on January 1st, started using it.

And now I’m recommending it to others too.

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Here are 5 reasons I’m loving it:

1.  The overview videos are amazing.

The videos explain the book (or section) of Scripture you’re about to read. They  “draw the story” for you in a simple and fun way.  So far, the ones I’ve watched are theologically rock solid and amazingly well done. There’s also a bit of humor thrown in from time to time. Whoever The Bible Project people are (the ones who develop and narrate the videos) thank you for such excellent stuff! 

2.  It’s super easy to track your progress.

Open up the app and you’ll immediately see where you are at in your Scripture reading. And, when you are done, you push a check mark (weird but I love that.) You can also configure the settings to read at your own pace so you don’t feel like a loser if you miss a day or two.

3.  The ESV translation is easy to read.

I’m a 1984 NIV Study Bible kind of guy. I usually find a translation and stick with it for decades (nerd alert!) But this translation is nuanced differently than the NIV and “turns the diamond” of Scripture just enough to give me unique insights into what I’m reading. Don’t get me wrong, I still read my NIV Study Bible on an on-going basis. But the Read Scripture app is a great way to kick start my time with God in the morning.

4.  When I’m super busy it will help.

As a traveling evangelist with Dare 2 Share I’m on the road a lot. And, once my day gets rolling, I’m usually booked solid in meetings, preaching gigs and the like. Because I don’t lug my giant NIV Bible on the road with me, I’ve been using a Kindle edition of the Bible for my morning readings.

I’m guessing that the Read Scripture app is going to be a way more effective strategy for having my daily devos on the road. It can be a great 15-20 minute time with God no matter where I’m at and no matter how many meetings I have. And, when I get back home to my normal routine, I can continue using it along with other readings in my own Bible. 

5.  It’s a simple app.

I love simplicity. When we developed our Dare 2 Share and Life in 6 Words apps we did so with simplicity in mind. We sought to make these apps as simple as possible in both content and navigation. So I know when somone else has worked hard to make something simple. The Read Scripture crew has succeeded at just that. The videos are simple to understand, the translation is simple to read and the app is simple to use.

Download the Read Scripture app and give it a try for a week. I think you’ll like it, use it and, soon, like me, you’ll be recommending it to others.

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