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Are Your Teenagers Daring to Share?

A new, free curriculum to help them confidently navigate a Gospel conversation
Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

When I was 15, I was eager to share my faith and wanted to reach all the teens in my city, but I knew that I—or even my youth group—couldn’t do it alone.

So I picked up a phone book; called nearby Community Baptist Church; and asked the youth pastor if I could come train his group to share the Gospel. He agreed, and within a couple days I found myself on my bike, pedaling the five miles up the road to teach the CBC teens how to share their faith.

I’ve been pedaling ever since.

In the 42 years since that Wednesday night youth group meeting, I’ve had the privilege of training millions of teenagers to share the Gospel. I’ve trained teens in countless youth rooms, arenas, conference centers, open fields, and living rooms. I’ve trained teens through livestreams and live events, through books and curriculum, through YouTube clips and summer camp event centers.


Over that time, some things have changed. Gen Z is different from Gen X. But one thing that hasn’t changed is the Gospel and every generation’s need for it.

That’s why I’m super-excited to tell you about a free four-week curriculum we’ve developed. It will train your teenagers to:

  • bring up the Good News of Jesus naturally with those they know and meet.
  • pray for, care for, and share the Gospel with their friends (out loud, with words).
  • explain the whole message of the Gospel in a clear and compelling way.
  • give them an opportunity to respond to the Good News right then and there.

This curriculum leverages what I’ve learned in four-plus decades of training teenagers to share the Gospel. What’s exciting is how simple it is!


We call it Takeoff to Touchdown: How to navigate a Gospel conversation, and in it, we compare flying a plane to sharing the Good News of Jesus. How do you fuel up with the right motivation? How do you get people on board? How do you take off (begin the conversation)? How do you follow the flight plan (share the message)? How do you land (wrap up the conversation)?

The curriculum comes with videos, games, a leaders guide, digital-download handouts, and PowerPoints—everything you need for a successful lesson series.

Use this series to equip your teenagers to share the Gospel with their friends and watch how your teenagers will grow as they go! There’s no better discipleship accelerator to get your teens growing in Christ than peer-to-peer evangelism.

Download Takeoff to Touchdown here.

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