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10 reasons I love working at Dare 2 Share

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

1. Being a part of a ministry that is singularly obsessed with reaching teens for Christ through teens.
2. The privilege of being surrounded by team members who are as passionate about our mission as I am.
3. Meeting youth leaders who work for the real payday…changed lives.
4. Donors/volunteers/champions who are owners of THE Cause.
5. The gospel of grace that we get to dispense and equip teenagers to dispense.
6. The laughter in our hallways, the collaboration in our meetings, the prayers in our hearts.
7. The unity we feel as a result of fighting together through tough economic times.
8. Meeting partners of like heart, mind and mission.
9. The advantages of not being big: We are nimble. We are quick. We are ready.
10. Watching God come through again and again and again.

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