Ten reasons churches should prioritize youth ministry

Greg Stier
Greg Stier
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1. Hormones + Energy Drinks + Jesus = the rapid spread of the gospel!

2. Teenagers can take the gospel further than adults (100+ online and face-to-face friends each!)

3. Youth leaders tends to be underestimated and underfunded, perfect candidates to be used by God.

4. Teens can spread the gospel faster than adults (they have already built relational bridges with the lost!)

5. Text messaging makes teen fingers nimble for finding verses in their Bibles quickly as they evangelize.

6. Jesus did (there is strong Scriptural evidence that most of the disciples were teenagers!)

7. There are 67,342 mini-mission fields in America that we call middle schools and high schools.

8. Youth leaders are unrealistic dreamers who want to make a difference and can if we let them!

9. Teens are not the church of tomorrow but are the potential church transformers of today.

10. God has used teens to win victories (David), save nations (Esther) and can use them to spark revivals!

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