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What would the Apostle Paul Tweet?

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Greg Stier

What would the Apostle Paul Tweet?I really believe that if Twitter was available in the Apostle Paul’s day he’d be on it. Could you imagine the Tweets?

“On my way to Damascus to persecute Christians I got blinded by the light. #Literally.”

“I was blind but now I see (both physically and spiritually!) #Saved”

“On my first missionary trip with my buddy Barnabas. #SonofEncouragement”

“I love the Gentiles in Antioch. They are getting the gospel faster than the Jews! #Surprised”

“They stoned me in Lystra but, by God’s grace I survived! #On2Derbe”

“Barnabas and I just went our separate ways. #Disagreement”

“If you can’t take the heat then stay out of the missionary kitchen. #JohnMark”

“Standing for the gospel of grace against the legalists in Galatia. #Stand4Grace”

“Told Peter off in front of the Jews for refusing to eat with the Gentiles. #SetFreeFromTheLaw”

“Plans just got changed in Jerusalem. #Arrested”

“Finally met King Agrippa and tried to get him to join the team! #ShutDownCold”

“Shipwrecked in the morning, bitten by a viper at night. #BadDay”

“Writing long letters in jail. They feel important for some reason. #Inspired”

“Bring John Mark to visit me in jail. I was wrong about that dude. #LiveAndLearn”

“Get to appear before Nero tomorrow. Dude is crazy. Will try to tell him about Jesus anyway. #Pray4Nero”

“Nero gave me a thumbs down. This may be my last Tweet. #CUinHeaven”

Of course I don’t know for sure if Paul would Tweet or what he would Tweet if he did, but it’s fun to imagine. What I do know is that Twitter is a great way to express short thoughts about important issues. If used properly it can be a powerful ministry tool. More on that in my next blog.

In the meantime what do you think Paul would Tweet…or do you?

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