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Yes, I ate that

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

sushiBelow is a list of foods I’ve eaten in my life that I may or may not be proud of…

1. Dog food (specifically Gaines burgers) Tried them when I was a kid because they smelled delicious…they are not.

2. Rocky Mountain Oysters…after all, I live in the Rocky Mountain region.

3. Shark steak. I ate it in San Diego and it make me sick…literally…I threw up everything.

4. Dog biscuits. After eating a Gaines burgers you need a refreshing post-dinner snack to cleanse the palate.

5. A butterscotch candy that almost choked me to death. It fell down my windpipe when I was 10 years old and home alone. I couldn’t breathe and was losing consciousness so I stood on my head and it fell out. I coughed and wheezed and looked down at the culprit then ate it with a “take that you stinkin’ hard candy” ferocity.

6. A quart of prune juice. Actually, I drank that in a contest. I won. Then I lost…about 10 pounds in 3 hours.

7. Conch (pronounced “Konk”) Okay, it’s not that daring to eat but I just like saying it…Conch!!!

8. Six plates of sushi after preaching at Promise Keepers event in Las Vegas. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck happened to be in the same room at our restaurant. I should have passed on the sushi and shared the gospel with Ben and J Lo.

9. Alligator.

10. Horse meat. On our trip to Europe I fried up a horse patty and downed it. Was it good? Naaaaay!

What are some of the crazy foods you’ve eaten?

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