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7 reasons why you (youth leader) should consistently share your faith

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

320px-Sunset_1410191_nevit1. It gives you a sense of where the culture is at spiritually which will help you teach more relevant material.

2. It helps you engage in the “risk-taking for Jesus” you are consistently challenging your teens to aspire to.

3. It unleashes prayer and dependence on the Holy Spirit because evangelism can be a bit scary at times!

4. It provides more sermon illustrations (and which youth leader doesn’t need that?)

5. It gives you “street cred” with your teenagers, showing that you are willing to be mocked or marginalized for Jesus.

6. It keeps you sharp Biblically, theologically and apologetically.

7. It advances the kingdom of God by saving souls and making disciples!

By the way, if you’re a youth leader and want to get better at sharing the gospel naturally and relationally then download this free faith-sharing app from Dare 2 Share right here.

What are some more reasons youth pastors should consistently share their faith?

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