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My 10 favorite moments at SYMC

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

SYMC20131. Getting the privilege of meeting, training and collaborating with youth leaders on how to build a “Deep and Wide” youth ministry model.

2. Randomly bumping into youth leaders and having great, kingdom-advancing chats all weekend.

3. Having a steak dinner with the “Evangelism Linebacker” (aka “Derwin Gray“) at Hyde Steakhouse in Columbus.

4. Facilitating an evangelism panel for youth leaders with some great friends!

5. The Skit Guy’s epically hilarious and heart-warming sketch on “Fools in youth ministry.”

6. Hearing Gungor for the first time. Yup, he’s good.

7. Watching a spontaneous marriage proposal on stage (both are youth leaders who attended Dare 2 Share as teenagers!)

8. The youth leader who won a lip sync contest to “What does the Fox say?” He was all in…no rhythm…but all in!

9. Watching Eric Timms paint a killer rendition of Ironman on stage during a general session. I was watching it online and was without audio so I don’t quite know what the point was but, come on, it was Ironman!

10. Hearing Derwin Gray hit it out of the park on what it means to “embrace grace” based on Ephesians 3:16-21. Derwin demonstrates that Spirit-empowered preaching on Spirit-inspired passages can tackle any audience for the glory of God. Boo-ya!

What was your favorite moment at SYMC?

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