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Happy Birthday, America—now repent!

A tribute and a challenge to the land I love
Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

It’s hard to believe it’s your birthday.

You’re closing in on the big 2-5-0.

And as I think about you as a country,

I’m scared of which way things may go.

Abortion still runs very rampant,

the killing of babies not yet born.

The LGBTQ vision is being fulfilled,

while traditional marriage is scorned.

Racism flows like a river of bile,

deep in the hearts of rage-fueled men.

Shootings are a daily occurrence,

and hate, it seems, will win.

Americans worship at the altar of self,

the trinity of me, myself, and I.

No longer can we say, “In God we trust.”

We’ve declared independence from the Most High.

And what of the hope of the bride of Christ?

Where are the children of light?

Some have caved to the culture,

and others are not up for the fight—

for the battle of making disciples,

the fight for the souls of the lost,

the radical quest to love our enemies,

the hard math of counting the cost.

But I believe there is a remnant,

sprinkled like salt on the sod,

waiting to transform the culture.

These are the people of God!

Rise up, O believers in Jesus!

Rise up, the old and the young!

Live out God’s love with boldness.

Speak out His truth with your tongue.

There’s hope for this once-great country,

that has stood as a beacon of light.

That hope is the church revived again,

the Spirit unleashed in full might—

the hearts of Americans transformed,

by faith in the work of the cross.

Because Jesus rose from the dead,

through Him we can rise from this loss.

May we return to what we were built on.

May we say “In God we trust” once again.

May we work for true freedom in this nation.

By God’s grace, may we turn from our sins.

So during this Fourth of July celebration,

As fireworks to the sky they are sent,

I give to the United States my warm wishes:

Happy birthday, America—now repent!

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