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Field Day…WOWS!

Greg Stier
Greg Stier


My kid had a blast during Field Day! He (and every other Kindergartner) won bunches of ribbons…one first place ribbon, three seconds, two thirds and a fourth. He looked like a virtual rainbow of victory with each of the ribbons pinned to his bright red shirt.

Kudos to Faith Christian Academy for setting Field Day up so that there is real competition, but in the end, everybody wins something! The last thing I needed in the Stier household was a self-conscious six year old (there will be plenty of time to be self conscious later on in life!)

My favorite was when Jeremy was running in the 40 yard dash, coming in last place among his group of four runners but smiling from ear to ear as he was zigging from side to side instead of running straight. I just wanted to see him laughing and smiling and having a blast…and he was.

Thanks for your prayers for my kid and his nerve-racked, happy daddy.

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