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Headline News…Greg Stier exposed!

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

Westword, a popular left leaning newspaper along the frontrange of Colorado, did a headline news story on me and Dare 2 Share that came out this week. To be honest I was kind of freaked out in the weeks leading up to the story. I was nervous that maybe the article would paint a slanted picture of what we’re all about. But now that I’ve read the article I’m actually pretty pleased with it.

Jessica Centers, the reporter who interviewed a bunch of us (my good friend Rick Long who now pastors Grace Church where I used to preach, Emma the Buddhist from GOSPEL Journey Maui, Zane, my uncle Jack, my lovely wife and a few others) did a great job of capturing my heart and the mission of Dare 2 Share. I love the tagline to the online edition of Westword,

“Greg Stier is raising up an army of adolescents to save your soul”

You bet I am. All of us at Dare 2 Share are!

There were a few things I cringed at. Sometimes when three hours worth of interviews are chopped up it doesn’t communicate as intended. But overall I think Jessica did a solid, pretty stinking unbiased job of reporting who, what and why we are.

Check it out for yourself here. But be warned there are a few f bombs and such (no, not from me!) Let me know what you think of the article.

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