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National Youth Ministry Conference

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

Preached to 1,800 youth leaders last night in Cincinnati. Although I was dog tired the Lord, with a little help from Starbucks (thanks Jason for making the run for me dude), gave me the strength to preach. I felt pretty pumped up that I was able to deliver the message that God gave me.

I absolutely LOVE the National Youth Ministry Conference. It is such a great atmosphere. Not only does effective training take place but strong relationships are built along the way. The two day deeper learning tracks drill deeply into specific youth ministry related subjects and give plenty of time to build relationships that last. The crew at Group has done a great job in building a God honoring event that drips with love for Jesus and for youth leaders.

Beside all of the spiritual stuff Doug Fields, Josh Griffin, Jake (of “Hotel, Hotel” fame) and the rest of the SYM crew make it a laugh out loud atmosphere for everyone involved.

If you’ve never gone to the NYMC you’ll have to give it a try next year. Good stuff.

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