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Off to Maui

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

My wife and I are leaving for a week of R and R before the craziness of GOSPEL Journey Maui begins. In just over a week my wife will be leaving back for Colorado and a group of unlikely late teen and early twentysomethings will be gathering on the island to experience this reality series. We have a Muslim, a Mormon, a Buddhist, a Jewish Atheist (Jewish by birth and atheist by choice), a Seventh Day Adventist and a girl who is undeclared spiritually speaking. Oh yeah and Zane from the first GOSPEL Journey will be there as well. After all, he can surf…and I can’t swim.

Pray with me that God does something huge in all of our lives. Pray with me that God prepares the hearts of those who are going to be attending. As with the first GOSPEL Journey we don’t want to coerce them to convert to Christianity put to paint a picture that they can choose to accept or reject. But we are going to be asking them to paint their spiritual pictures as well. This one will be lecture light and interaction heavy if everything goes right. We want these participants to be much more involved in the discussion than in the first one.

So far everything looks good on paper, but all bets are off once you get these divergent views in a room and “shake it up” like cats in a sack. Pray that out of the chaos God brings, not order, but transformation.


Unlikely Fighter

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