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Turning 42

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

It’s hard for me to believe that I’ll be 42 on Monday. Holy Canoli. If Debbie and I had had children our first year of marriage we would be the parents of a senior in high school!

Last year my happy and hyper little boy Jeremy was at his friend’s house and told his buddy’s parents, “My daddy is older than Jesus.” I think what he meant is that Jesus was in his thirties when he died and that daddy was now in his forties.

I’m 42. In 42 years I’ll be 84. In 84 years I’ll be dead. (Taken from my book called Happy Thoughts.)

Here’s my theories about getting older:

  • The older you get the more noises you make when you get up in the morning. Sitting on the side of your bed, coughing, clearing your throat and getting up with a groan or two gets more and more common as the years go by.
  • You start to say statements like, “When I was young…” or “Back in the 80’s”. Sometimes you are even tempted to say the ultimate old guy statement, “Back in my day…”
  • When you look in the mirror you ask questions like, “What happened?” You are tempted to buy a carnival shape shifter mirror to get your high school body back.
  • You forget things and sometimes repeat yourself.
  • You forget things and sometimes repeat yourself.

Okay, okay 42 is not that old. I mean if you think about it God used Moses, Abraham, Joshua and Caleb when they were about twice my age.

But I bet you those dudes made a lot of noise when they got up in the morning.

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