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Weird things that have happened to me…

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

Here’s my list:

  • jumped through a window (and taken to the ER with several stitches)
  • almost died of acute appendicitis (two weeks in ICU)
  • attacked by three German Shepherds in my life (two of them at one time)
  • have had three knee surgeries (cist removed, ACL, ACL re-repair)
  • tore my ACL while dancing to a Michael Jackson video while preparing to go on visitation for the church I was pastoring at the time (anyone who dances to a Michael Jackson video deserves this same fate)
  • gotten into 9 car accidents behind the wheel (and only one ticket through all 9 incidents!)
  • ran out of gas on the top of a volcano in a minivan with my family
  • about choked to death on a piece of butterscotch candy
  • fell off a the top of a ladder into a hot tub on a snowy day in Colorado
  • angered a bull moose in the wild to the point of it tearing a tree to shreds with it’s antlers and marking it’s territory while I revv’ed my ATV engine to make it more angry (okay I deserved to get charged on this one!)
  • choked a dog that was trying to attack me while I was going door to door inviting people out to my church
  • preached a sermon while wearing a suit that still had the price tag dangling from my sleeve for all to see
  • got in a fight while at Colorado Christian University that took us both rolling down a set of stairs to the lower level of the educational building during school hours while students and teachers passed by (NOTE: Don’t fight dudes who take steroids! On second thought, don’t fight!)
  • stumbled upon two hundred nude protesters in London all riding bikes, stopping traffic and screaming slogans (a memory I’m still trying to erase but a sure cure for lust!)
  • Was abandoned in a Muslim village by my interpreter in the middle of the night. Our car was surrounded by angry Muslims and I began to joke with them in English, a language they didn’t understand. I think they thought I was crazy. Imagine that. But that perceived insanity could have saved my American life.
  • Pulled the tail of a lion and had it roar in my face (maybe that’s why they won’t let me back in the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo)
  • Was in the Today show audience and got on television four times.
  • Watched in horror as my son pulled the fire alarm at the airport when he was two and a half years old
  • Was backyard certified to go Scuba diving (and went) although I can’t swim
  • Was in a California earthquake.
  • etc. etc. etc.

I thank God that I’m alive. He must have some kind of plan for my life. He’s got one for your’s too!

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