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My 10 favorite moments at the Seattle #D2SReverse conference

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

Seattle1. The youth leaders were all in. I love the way they engaged during the “Lead Differently…leadership the Daniel Way” training session. It was a special blessing to pray for them at the end of this youth-leaders-only Saturday morning session.

2. The hands going up on Friday night to indicate faith in Jesus after watching a powerful drama!

3. Desperation Band disappeared. That’s the best thing I can say about a worship band. When Jesus is the focus the musicians play second fiddle (or guitar or bass or drums) you know you are experiencing powerful worship.

4. Propaganda’s interaction with Zane and I during the “Live a different life” talk. It was so fun to triple whammy the Saturday afternoon session (“Pop!” “Pop!” “Pop!”)

5. Holding up a Denver Broncos Jersey to the crowd on Friday night and almost getting beat down by the 12th man. Thankfully Zane, who is from Seattle, came out in a Seahawks jersey, tore the jersey from my hand and won the crowd back. I finished my talk with “I love the Broncos. You love the Seahawks. We all love Jesus. Let’s be the 12th man for him this weekend” (a “Jesus juke” that may have saved my life!)

6. The middle school boy with a funky hat who very sincerely belted this short prayer out on the microphone during the open prayer time, “Lord, I thank you for unbelievers because they give us something to do” (speaking of evangelism of course!) I laughed so hard I snorted.

7. Hearing another girl call out to God in tears for revival at her school during that same prayer time.

8. Listening to Zane break down as he talked about writing a letter of salvation to his grandpa who doesn’t know Jesus. It was so touching and heartfelt that it moved everyone.

9. Watching Katie Payne come into her own on stage.

10. The final prayer together on Saturday night and powerful “Reverse” ending. It is one of my favorite conference finales ever.

If you were at the Seattle conference what were some of your favorite moments?

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