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10 things I am thankful for

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

1. The free gift of salvation through faith alone in Christ based on His finished work on the cross and resurrection (AKA “the GOSPEL“)
2. My great wife and awesome, though a-bit-crazy, kids.
3. My phenomenal co-laborers in THE Cause at Dare 2 Share. #BestStaffEver
4. Twinkies (they were great while they lasted!)
6. Starbucks…yes, I know you support liberal causes but I love your coffee (and your baristas are way open to the gospel!)
7. Living in a digital age (Twitter, Facebook, the iPhone…you are all my friends because Siri told me so)
8. Living in America (whether your politician got voted in or not this nation still is the best)
9. My church (Nothern Hills in Brighton, Colorado rocks!)
10. My home state of Colorado (in spite of the fact that they just passed a law that legalized marijuanna here are the reasons I am thankful for Colorado: The sun shines over 300 days of the year, we have 52 fourteen thousand foot high peaks, it’s a hunter/fisherman paradise and there’s plenty of people to share Jesus with. I have a different kind of “Rocky Mountain high” living here…the privilege of being a mile closer to heaven…oh yeah, and the Broncos, Peyton Manning and Vonn Miller!)

What are you thankful for?

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