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3 ways to share the gospel without using words

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

Don’t buy the myth that sharing the gospel requires words. Here are three simple ways to share the gospel without ever opening your mouth to mention the name “Jesus” or what he has done for you on the cross…

First of all you can ____________________________________. But remember only try this particular mute method on Tuesdays during a full moon. For some reason it works best then.

Secondly you can always ______________________________. Yes, this classic without-words approach leans close to mime, but without the makeup (or Carmen music because, unfortunately, the dude uses words in his songs!)

Lastly, you can _________________________. This unconventional wordless method makes use of color and smell to communicate the good news. Just be sure the person you are living this method in front of is not allegic to peanuts or has a problem with the color red.

Okay, enough of the sarcasm.

I retract the first half of this blog to make this clear: YOU MUST USE WORDS TO COMMUNICATE THE GOSPEL MESSAGE!

Of course we should live out our faith in real and tangible ways all the time, and, if it happens to garner the attention of unreached classmates, co-workers, family, neighbors and friends, GREAT! When this happens it becomes a springboard to more natural and impacting spiritual conversations.

In reality living out the gospel and verbally sharing it with others are so closely intertwined why would we even want to separate them? When the gospel we speak and the life we live are divorced from each other it is NEVER God’s will. What God has joined together let no man put asunder!

Gospel living and Gospel giving are like peas and carrots, chocolate and peanut butter, milk and cereal. They are meant to go together.

If I had cancer and somehow discovered the cure, I would take the cure myself first. Then I would share the cure with other cancer victims, assuring them that I had already injested the medicine myself.

Hopefully, they would see the results of the cure in the way that I looked, moved and acted! But I would still use my words to explain how and why the cure works. Then I would use all the powers of persuasion at my disposal to convince them to take the cure!

In the same way, Christians who have been (and are being) healed by the ultimate Cure should continue to live it out while sharing it with others. They should see it’s transformative power in our eyes and lives.

Let’s not separate living the Gospel from giving the Gospel. When we do we separate what was never meant to be severed. We divorce what God has married together. And what God has joined together let no man put assunder.

And here is my last argument that sharing the gospel verbally is necessary to reach the lost: _____________________________

Pretty convincing huh?


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