10 Reasons Christianity Rocks

Greg Stier
Greg Stier
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1. We serve a God/man who turned the world upside, split the calendar in two and redeemed humanity with his own blood…BOOM!
2. Lecrae
3. We have TWO Martin Luthers (the monk and the “King”)
4. Charles Spurgeon (in the words of Propaganda, “Spurgeon was the original spoken word artist!”
5. We have 5 purposes…take that!
6. Left Behind is going to be remade with Nicholas Cage in the starring role.
7. Testamints (What other religion has its own mints?)
8. We have a great beginning to the story (Adam and Eve), a powerful ending (Revelation) and the ultimate climax (the cross & empty tomb!)
9. We get to tell this amazing story to everyone!
10. One word…potlucks!

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