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Jeremy’s witnessing training challenge

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Greg Stier

I was telling Jeremy the other day how I needed help in reaching this world for Christ and he came up with a solution.

“Hey dad, how about this? I will train my class how to do the gospel hand?” (The gospel hand is a simple way to share the gospel that I learned to do when I was a few years older than Jeremy. You hold up your hand and start with your thumb and wiggle each of your fingers as you get to these five points: God loves me (wiggle thumb)…I have sinned (index)…Christ died for me (middle)…If I believe (ring)…I will go to heaven (pinky) and that’s that)

“Sure” I said. “If Mrs. Canterbury let’s you.”

“You ask her daddy!”

So I did. And she said yes.

Jeremy told me later that he trained each point to his 1st grade class, explained it point by point and then challenged the kids to go back and train their parents how to do it.

Now he wants to go class by class and train every kid at Faith Christian Academy, all the way through high school, how to share their faith. I don’t think that will happen but he is starting to understand that the only way to really reach everyone with the gospel is to train every Christian to share the gospel.

I have given them the next new challenge of encouraging everyone in his class to share the gospel with one person each week and tell him what happened when they did. Pray with me that Jeremy can be a faithful witness and a good leader for his class. Pray for me to be a faithful witness and a good leader to him.

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