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Preaching at Creation Festival West

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

I am preaching in at The Gorge in Washington state this morning to thousands of festival goers gathered in a breathtaking setting. Pray with me that those in attendance are challenged and equipped to share their faith. And then pray with me that they do it!

Once again I’ll be giving them the double dare (to share the gospel with everyone they know in God’s timing, in God’s power and with God’s love and to start with one person within the next 48 hours.) This is a big challenge that is doable in the power of the Lord.

Yesterday’s sermon on “Heaven, Hell and everything in between” was okay. The microphone went out for a full minute or so while I was preaching and it was hard for me to get into a rhythm preaching wise. But God’s Word is greater than our rhythms and dead microphones. It will not return void.

I truly believe in my heart of hearts that God desires to raise up an army of student super evangelists who set the pace for the advancement of the kingdom of God in all of our churches. Pray that God does just that for his glory. Pray that we can see a revival of Biblical proportions sweep this nation once again!

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