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Ten Million Minutes

Greg Stier
Greg Stier

I have held you in my arms for ten million minutes.
You have held me in your heart for the same.
In spite of our fights and our struggles,
I would do it in a second again.

For the Lord has used you to change my soul
And teach me what it means to love.
Although we each are very different
So are a hand and a glove.

With each tick and each tock our love has evolved
From selfish to selfless to more.
It’s turning agape by God’s own grace,
As we learn to leave our pride at the door.

For ten million minutes you have been patient.
For ten million more you have prayed.
For ten million you have rolled your eyes
At the goofy jokes I have made.

For ten million minutes I’ve been grateful.
For ten million more I’ve praised the Lord.
For He has bestowed on my crazy life,
More blessings than I could afford:

A wife who loves me no matter what,
A son who is the best,
A daughter who is one-of-a-kind,
And a home where I’m learning to rest.

If the Ancient of Days divinely chooses
To give us ten million minutes more,
I will praise Him again and again
For such a great wife to adore.

*Written for my wife on our 20 year anniversary (today!) Although 20 years technically equates to 10,512,000 minutes, that number is much harder to rhyme with so I rounded down. Yes, I’m an idiot, but I love you sweetie. Thanks for 20 awesome, intense, lively, fun and life-changing years together!

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