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P90x and G90x…the results

Greg Stier
Greg Stier

Okay, so Friday marked the end of my P90x meets G90x extreme physical/spiritual fitness experiment. The idea was to do the popular physical workout (P90x…you’ve seen the informercials) combined with my own extreme spiritual fitness routine that I developed just for this bicep meets Bible test. These dual workouts combine push ups, pull ups and plyos with verse memorization, Scripture reading and prayer. For more on what is involved in G90x click here.

So what were the results of my soul/body makeover?

P90x: I am blown away that I was, by God’s grace, able to lose 20 pounds (over 10% of my body fat!) over the last 90 days. I went from 207 to 187 lbs and am back in size 32 pants for the first time in 14 years. I also increased my strength, endurance and flexibility significantly. The informercials are true. If you do the workouts and change your eating habits you can see results in 90 days. My favorite workout? Kempo! My most hated workout? Core Synergistics! Did I hit every workout? No. I would say that I hit about 90% (which is pretty good considering my intense travel schedule.) Did I have any desserts during this time (a P90x no no)? Yes! Yes! I had two: once on our 20 year wedding anniversary cruise and once on our actual anniversary date. No no. Yes yes. Yum yum.

Do I have bulging biceps now? No! But I can do a lot more push ups than I could three months ago. Can you count my abs? No. But there is a thinner layer of cushy fat covering them now…and they are harder! If you don’t believe me then punch me in the stomach as hard as you can the next time you see me. On second thought, don’t. Just take my word for it.

G90x: While spiritual results are harder to gauge I can tell you what I was able to get done of my pretty lofty goals. Although it took technically 92 days I got through the whole Bible from cover to cover. Advantage? When you read through Scripture in large chunks you get different things out of it than when you read through Scripture in smaller chunks. I was able to average more than 90 minutes of prayer per week and deeply enjoyed my fellowship with God through prayer. I learned to LOVE prayer walking otherwise known as walking while you pray. There’s nothing more spiritual about it but it helped keep me alert as I prayed and really focused my mind on the throne room of God.

What was the “worst” part of G90x experiment? Scripture memory. I memorized just over half of the 90 verses I had intended to memorize. Shame on me but this discipline was the hardest one. It was the AB ripper X of the G90x regime (those of you who have taken P90x know exactly what I’m talking about.) But this is one area I intend to keep working on from here on out.

Finally, I did some extreme sin mortifying in my own life. Which sins? None of your bees wax. But, through God’s strength made available to us through the finished work of Christ on the cross I was able to tackle some tough ones.

What did I learn? I learned that “while physical training is of some value, godliness has value for all things….”

If you did or are doing G90x/P90x what are the results you are getting? Remember, as Tony Horton of P90x fame always says, “Do your best and forget the rest!” 

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