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What’s your “Evangelism IQ”?

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Greg Stier

Sharing Your Faith

What is Evangelism IQ? It is the (super)natural ability of integrating evangelism into your daily pattern of viewing the world and interacting with others. This is the sweet spot in-between relational sensitivity, Gospel fluency and heart-felt urgency.

Evangelism IQ includes knowing how to share the good news message in a clear, compelling and confident way but it also includes knowing when to drop bread crumbs and when to give someone the “whole loaf” of the Bread of Life.

To determine your Evangelism IQ give yourself a grade from 1-5 based on the following 7 questions (1 being poor and 5 being excellent):

1. I refuse to look at people like evangelistic “projects“. I care about them regardless of how open they are to the Gospel or respond to the Gospel message. Rating: ___

2. I consistently view yet-to-be-redeemed people in terms of their spiritual condition and am prayerfully and actively looking for ways to bring the Gospel up in an effective way to them. Rating:___

3. When engaged in a gospel conversation I begin by asking questions and listening intently. Only then do I seek to naturally turn the conversation toward Jesus and the Gospel. Rating:___

4. I feel confident to share the Gospel without having evangelistic tools, tracts, booklets, apps or even a Bible with me. I’ve learned how to articulate the message of Jesus clearly in a conversational way. Rating: ___

5. When people give me verbal or non-verbal cues I know when to back off and re-calibrate my approach in a different way or at a different time. This doesn’t mean I give up but it does mean that I re-adjust my approach when necessary: Rating: ___

6. After I’ve clearly shared the Gospel with someone I consistently ask them if they are ready to put their faith in Jesus right then. I don’t just share the Gospel and leave it hanging out there. I try to gently but convincingly persuade them to put their faith in Jesus on the spot. Rating: ___

7. My life backs up my message. I’m not perfect but I’m actively seeking to live out my Christian convictions so that those I share with can see the good news in my life and not just hear it in my message. Rating: ___

Now add up your score and check your grade. Drumroll please:

7-16 means you are struggling with your E.I.Q. and need to take some dramatic actions to correct it.

17-26 means you have room for improvement in your E.I.Q. and should take some decisive steps to improve it.

27-35 means you are strong in your E.I.Q. and need to train others to do the same!

Although I’ve been actively sharing the Gospel for almost four decades (and have trained a half million teenagers or so to share their faith in the process) these “scientific” questions and this “rigorous” rating system are purely based on my personal experience. In other words they are as scientific as I am (and let’s say that Kirk, not Spock, was my favorite Star Trek character!) But, hopefully, they get you to think, pray and evaluate how strong you are in the area of evangelism.

Sharing the good news of Jesus is a true privilege and we must remember that God has placed us, as followers of Christ, in a particular circle of influence that we are responsible to engage evangelistically. We are to “be witnesses” for Jesus (Acts 1:8) and “make disciples” of Jesus (Matthew 28:19) as we live our lives for his glory.

For help in building a stronger E.I.Q. I recommend the following:

-Start praying for 3 people you know who don’t know Jesus. Pray for them to be open to the gospel and for opportunities to share the message of Jesus with them. God will break your heart for them in the process.

-Download the Dare 2 Share and Life in 6 Words apps to learn and use. Both are highly rated apps and, like the Gospel, free! They will equip you to share the good news and give you the training wheels you need to start.

-Purchase the Dare 2 Share Field Guide for sharing your faith. This complete handbook will help you in all seven areas to be ready to share the good news anytime, anywhere to anyone.

What are some other ways you can improve your Evangelism I.Q.?

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