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Ministry Mutiny Principle 5 – No More Outsourcing!

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Greg Stier

Ty was shocked. “Wow. You seem pretty intense about this particular ministry mutiny principle.”Then he added, suppressing a smile, “I mean you even used the word ‘poop.’ That’s got to break some kind of Old Testament Levitical rule or something.”

Tony didn’t laugh. He was too deeply into the subject now, “Yeah, I’m pretty intense about it, it’s called being a dad. Once you have your own children, your perspective changes and as those children grow into teenagers it changes even more.” “Well, my wife and I are hoping to have children soon,” Ty chimed in.

“It’s the greatest thing in the world, and the most challenging one you could imagine, especially when it comes to the spiritual development of your child. Maybe that’s why a lot of parents bag it and hand the baton to the youth leader. I think that as parents start realizing how difficult it is to create an environment in the home where spirituality is natural and authentic, that’s when they start to outsource to guys like you and me.”

excerpt from Ministry Mutiny…A Youth Leader Fable


  • How important is parental involvement in the spiritual development of their own teenagers?
  • Why do many parents relegate, abdicate or delegate to a youth leader when it comes to the spiritual development of their own teenagers?
  • How can youth leaders best equip parents to begin taking the lead when it comes to leading their own teens spiritually?
  • What are some success or failure stories you’d like to share?

Comment on the 6 Youth Ministry Principles of Ministry Mutiny

  1. Listen for God’s Whisper
  2. Get Real
  3. Go Wide
  4. Grow Deep
  5. No More Outsourcing!
  6. Build on Values, Not Fads
  7. What principles did I miss, get wrong, understate or overstate?

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