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A Different Kind of Mother’s Day

Greg Stier
Greg Stier

Today feels different. Usually on Mother’s Day I am struck hard with the loss of my mom three years ago to cancer. Now, don’t get me wrong. I thought of mom right away today. And I miss her greatly. But I know she is doing well. As a matter of fact she is doing better than you and me while she worships our Savior in the glory of heaven.

But today more than ever I am struck with the other “mom” in my household, the mother of my children, my strong and loving wife. Debbie is the perfect combination of strength and mercy. She sees me for who I really am (the good, the bad, and the ugly) and she loves me anyway. And she deeply loves our children and wants them to be all they can be for the Lord.

While Jeremy can get away with some things with me (because Daddy is a little gullible to his Kindergarten ways) Debbie sees right through his Veggietale plots. And our little stubborn girl Kailey can’t demand her way and win when squared off with Debbie. Don’t let her pearly white smile fool you. She’s got red hair for a reason and a penetrating insight into the sometimes diabolical hearts of little children. She is merciful and loving. But she is also very, very strong on every level.

I took Debbie to the gym once and we put on ten 45 lb plates on the legpress machine and she pressed it three times!

“Is that good?” she asked sweetly.

“Yes.” I said sheepishly, looking around to make sure no muscleheads were laughing that my wife was out legpressing me.

But Debbie has to be strong to be married to me. I am busy, disorganized, fun loving, spastic, high strung and hyper. She tells everyone that she has three children, me (the problem child), our six year old Jeremy (who has got my “spaz” gene) and Kailey (our sweet and spicey toddler.)

More than anything else Debbie reminds me that the most important thing in my life is not the arenas full of teens I train through Dare 2 Share, not the books that I write, and not the ministry that I lead. She reminds me that being a godly man, a loving husband and a hands on daddy is what should always be priority numero uno.

I remember when we first got married and Debbie and I got into a pretty bad argument. I called my mom up on the phone and was telling her the situation, hoping she would take my side. Ma told me something that stuck. She said, “Hey Greg you know I love you. But if it comes down between you and Debbie I’m picking Debbie. I mean it Greg. I’d choose her over you any day of the week. You don’t deserve that girl. So work it out.”

You were right Ma. I don’t deserve her. But I do thank God for her.

I love you Debbie. Thank you for helping me keep my prioirites straight. Thank you for loving Jesus, being such a great wife and mom and friend. Thank you for putting up with me for these last sixteen years. Thank you for the way you show the love of God to everyone around you, especially your husband and children.

Happy Mother’s Day sweetie!

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