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Holy Canoli Batman! We are less than a week away from our first event!

Greg Stier
Greg Stier

During the weeks leading up to the first Dare 2 Share conference of the tour I have a hard time sleeping at night. Why? Nightmares! They vary from tour to tour depending on the challenges and my frame of mind at the time. Usually these horrible dreams come in the form of me not having an opening talk or the sound and lighting team hasn’t showed up yet and it’s 5 minutes until “show time” or something like that.

My first one of the season happened a few weeks ago. We have a new group with us that I’m really excited about called “The Washington Projects”. Somebody mentioned to me that they were more R & B than rap or hip hop. Somehow that stuck in my mind and devolved into a nightmare. In my nightmare they were five black men dressed in white tuxedos who sang Temptations remixes with Christian words. Suffice it to say that in my nightmare teenagers were leaving in droves.

Thank the Lord I got to hear them soon after and they were AWESOME (a hip brother/sister team from California that love Jesus and can rock the house). So much for that particular nightmare…

There is a real nightmare though that doesn’t want to see teenagers motivated, equipped or unleashed. Satan and his highly orchestrated, vastly underestimated army of demons are fighting against anything and anyone who seeks to exponentially advance the kingdom of God. We can feel his Brimstone hot breathe on our necks as we fix our eyes toward this tour. We need your prayers now more than ever.

Pray that God does something HUGE in the lives of the 11,000-12000 teenagers who will, God willing, attend the Dare 2 Share conferences over the next two weekends. Pray for this to be our best and most spiritually transformational conference ever. Pray that Satan’s plan is thwarted once again and that the kingdom of Jesus advances in power through this army of young soldiers.

Can I get an amen?

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