War! What is it good for?

Greg Stier
Greg Stier
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Every year for the last several years we at Dare 2 Share Ministries gird up for war. It seems as though Satan turns up the heat even more before we launch a conference tour. During this intense conflict we endure financial challenges, personal challenges, program challenges, marketing challenges and administrative challenges. We have come to expect this kind of spiritual warfare to kick in toward the end of every summer and beginning of our tour season.

This year is no different. Everyone at Dare 2 Share is working hard and pushing toward the goal of energizing and equipping teenagers to know, live, share and own their faith through the Game Day Tour. We are less than two months out from the first event and the pressure will only increase as we push closer to the Nashville kick off.

And boy are we ever feeling it.

Satan is raging and raving against us. Maybe one of the reasons is that he hates, absolutely loathes, teens being trained in God’s truth and then unleashed to proclaim it. When young people share the gospel they are advancing the cause of Jesus in their communities and in their own hearts. Satan will do everything in his power to stop that from taking place.

But in a war situation when the ground troops go in (like we are seeing right now in Israel) that’s when the battle is usually won or lost. It is in the face-to-face, eye-to-eye bloody battle of bayonets, blood and bombs that victors and corpses are made.

Dare 2 Share is raising up a ground force of teenage troups who are being led by their youth leaders, parents and pastors into the heat of the battle. This battle will be won or lost on the ground, one neighborhood, one campus, one person at a time.

Satan is a relentless enemy who is stronger and smarter than we are. And, according to Richard Baxter, he “will seek to do the most harm to those who do his kingdom the most damage.” In other words any ministry, teen, family, church or youth group that seeks to advance the gospel in a serious way he will use serious means to stop.

What is our hope? We put on the armor God has provided (Check out Ephesians 6:10-20) and we get armored up in a different kind of power, God’s, through prayer. When we are clothed in God’s armor and strength we, through Christ, are the invincible ones.

Will you join us in our assault on the enemy’s kingdom? We need air support (“prayer bombs” if you will). We need ground troops (come to the conference). We need supplies (donations and volunteers). We need you! 

Our enemy is holding the lives and souls of our unreached friends captive and it is up to us to rescue them at any and all costs. But be forewarned, ou will be incurring the wrath of a formiddable enemy. And be encouraged, you will be drawing on the power of an invincible God!

War! What is it good for?


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