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The Ultimate 1-2 Punch to Kick off your Fall Youth Ministry Calendar

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

1-2 Punch Combo: “A combination of two blows delivered in rapid succession in boxing, especially a left lead followed by a right cross”…or…”An especially forceful or effective combination or sequence of two things.

Let’s go with the second definition, although, especially with some of our more rowdy teenagers, we’ve been tempted to use the first. šŸ˜‰


If you want “an especially forceful or effective combination of two things” to kick off your Fall calendar, start with See You at the Pole. For 25 years this amazing prayer movement has given teenagers a rally point (the flagpole in front of their schools) to gather and pray for revival in their lives, at their schools, for their nation and for this world!

When God’s people pray God’s heart is moved! So get your teenagers to gather and pray on September 26th at 7am! Get them to call out to God for a spiritual awakening that will erupt in their own hearts and spread like a wildfire from coast to coast!

What’s the second part of this 1-2 combo? Dare 2 Share Live! A mere 2 1/2 weeks after See You at the Pole, Dare 2 Share Live will be happening in 97 cities across the United States! This one of a kind, live simulcast event will be energizing and mobilizing teenagers to Gospelize their friends and their communities!

The 97 satellite sites across the nation will have live bands and emcees/event shepherds who will inspire and help equip teenagers to share the hope of Jesus with others! Teenagers will be impacted by The Skit Guys, Zane Black, Flame and yours truly. Shane and Shane will even lead us all in a time of worship that will be happening from coast to coast at the same exact time!

Teenagers will be given an opportunity to collect canned food for local rescue missions and share the Gospel with their friends as well as others in their communities! Also, we will be unveiling a new Gospel presentation that, I’m convinced, has the potential to be our next viral video. By God’s grace it will reach millions with the Gospel! And the first ones to experience it will be the teenagers at Dare 2 Share Live!

When a prayer movement like See You at the Pole and a share-the-Gospel movement like Dare 2 Share Live work in tandem on your calendar great things happen in the lives of your teenagers!

It’s a 1-2 punch right on the nose of Satan!

So get your teenagers out to See You at the Pole on September 26th and sign up your teens for Dare 2 Share Live on October 13th! It’s the ultimate 1-2 combo for your Fall calendar!

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