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The Gospel Changes Everything

This is more than a motto for me. I’ve personally experienced the Gospel’s power to transform lives, both in my family, and with the millions of teens we’ve trained to share it with their friends.

It’s the only hope for this generation. And the only hope for the Church!

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An Urgent Call to Every Christian in the USA

Here is the urgent call to every Christian in the United States of America: Pray for your new President and …

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3 SUPER STRATEGIC reasons we should focus on reaching teenagers for Christ

This is my 30th year in youth ministry. I founded Dare 2 Share in 1991 …

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The 4 Big “E’s” of helping teens think and talk about POLITICS in a God-honoring way

Whether you’re a youth leader, teacher or parent, it’s important to help your teenagers think …

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5 Rules Every Christian Should Follow When Talking Politics

The current political climate in America is more intense than anytime I can remember in …

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7 crucial steps you must take right now to have an outstanding year of youth ministry in 2021

Get your God time back on. “I rise before dawn and cry for help.  I have …

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