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My June MAP

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

First, let me give a quick update to my goal for the month of May with Josh. I wanted to give him the College Daze article we featured in the May Mission Mobilize email. However, due to some of my crazy travels and personal calendar I have not been at church to connect with him. So, now its June, almost July, and I plan to make sure I see Josh and give him the article. In addition, this month I plan to give Josh the Pray, Persue, Persuade card and talk through with him how this tool applies in his world. I personally have taken my own summer challenge to Pray(pray for people who you know need Jesus), Pursue(“bring God up” some way), Persuade(for them to believe the Gospel message) 3 people. Pray for me as I begin this challenge and for God to bring great conversations with Ed, Connie and Wes. To learn how you can get more involved check out this link.

Unlikely Fighter

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