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10 Reasons I still love America

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

1. Freedom of worship
2. The Declaration of Independence still rocks (best “take your tyranny and shove it” document ever written!)
3. The founding theism of our forefathers is unavoidable (documents, buildings, pledges and coins.)
4. With the exception of Native Americans, we’re all immigrants and I love the raw feel of that!
5. Our system of government was built to be self-balancing by thriving on contention, debate and resolution.
6. We are a symbol of freedom across the world.
7. Our amazing National Parks!
8. Best flag packed with the most symbolism.
9. We are the most consistently generous nation to countries and people in need.
10. We are the unofficial global headquarters for world-wide evangelism (aka “THE Cause!)

Yes, America has her problems, some of them enormous. But let us thank God today for the blessing of living in this still amazing nation. Happy 4th of July!

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