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10 ways to be cool though Christian

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

1. Get a tattoo but make sure it’s a Hebrew word for something spiritual.
2. Spike your hair but only with gel that is not made in sweat shops.
3. Share your faith but only if somebody brings it up first.
4. Read only gender neutral versions of Scripture that are available for the iPhone.
5. Only drink coffee made with beans grown by monks, sold by orphans and brewed by believers.
6. Go on a mission trip for Jesus without ever sharing the message of Jesus.
7. Tweet only Bono quotes.
8. Shop at The Buckle (even if your 46 years old.)
9. Never get into spiritual conversations with unsaved people about sin, hell, or anything awkward.
10. Never use the word “unsaved” when describing somebody who is lost….But don’t use the word “lost” either…just call them “pre-Christian” or “seekers” or “the yet-to-be regenerate” or something…I don’t know. Forget it.

Guess I’m uncool.

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