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13 ways NOT to share your faith this Halloween

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

Jack-o'-lantern_in_Sanok1. Dress up as a Fox and sing, “Here’s what the fox says, ‘God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life.'”

2. Passing out Tootsie rolls and fake $20 bills (the ones that are really gospel tracts in disguise.) The Tootsie rolls are fine but when kids realize that the $20 bill is fake they will teepee your house with real toilet paper.

3. Throwing pocket New Testaments at kids from behind the bushes trying to make it into the top of their candy bags.

4. Answer the door dressed as a Mormon Missionary and then yell, “Get off my porch!!!”

5. Put a “Happy Halloween, now REPENT!” sign in your front window.

6. Insert Testamints into marshmallows covered in chocolate and blessed by a priest.

7. Tell the kids who come to your door that Halloween is the Devil’s birthday party (Like my son used to believe.)

8. Give away apples with John 3:16 carved into them. John 3:16 is great but apples? Seriously? Don’t be that house.

9. Go as a zombie with a sign around your neck that reads, “Dead in my sins”

10. Dress up like a mime and wordlessly act out the gospel before you give the scared and confused little kids at your door a measly gum ball.

11. Bobbing for Bibles.

12. Answer your door as a TV Preacher and tell the kids if they give you all their candy God will pay them back a hundred fold.

13. Toothpaste, dental floss and Life in 6 Words books (again, don’t be that house!)

Okay, all joking aside. Remember that Halloween is like door-to-door evangelism in reverse! They come to YOUR door!!!

Here’s what we’re doing at our house to reach out: LOTS of GOOD CANDY + Life in 6 Words cards + seeking to get to engage parents and teenagers in conversation!

What are you doing to reach out this Halloween?

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