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The Share 6 Campaign (A Movement of Gospel Conversations)

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

Li6W-book-image-for-web-store_0What do you get when you combine a teenager fully equipped to share their faith, a viral GOSPEL video and a highly designed evangelistic book? The Share 6 Campaign!

Three years ago we produced an evangelistic video for our conferences called “Life in 6 Words.” Our good friend Jason Petty (aka “Propaganda“) wrote it and did the spoken word. To be honest it’s the best spoken word piece I’ve ever seen. T-Pain, the famous rapper (unofficially known by not-in-the-know guys like me as “the auto-tunes guy”) Retweeted this video to his million or so Twitter followers two months ago. Although T-Pain claims to be a Muslim he sent out a Tweet that read, “This is one of the most amazing pieces I’ve ever heard. Pls enjoy and RT this. The gospel in 4 minutes…”

Since the release of the video to YouTube the Life in 6 Words video has had well over 2,000,000 views. It’s been used in the “Back to Church Sunday” kit that went out to over 20,000 churches six weeks ago. And tens of thousands of teenagers have shown it to their friends as a direct result of the Dare 2 Share conferences.

So last January we added a highly designed little evangelistic book to go with it. The idea was that teenagers could give the book out to their friends with a hand written note in the front of it (the first two pages are blank), ask them to read the book, watch the video and then get together to talk about it. The book and video are door openers for these teenagers because they need a simple way to “bring it up” to their friends.

Over the last 20 years I’ve had the privilege of training about 500,000 teenagers to share their faith. Over that time I’ve realized that one of the biggest reasons teenagers don’t share their faith is they simply don’t know how to broach the subject. This slickly designed little book and viral video help them bring it up naturally.

But evangelistic books and videos are not enough. Sure, they can make converts. But it takes a relationship to make disciples who make disciples. That’s why equipping teenagers to share their faith is so crucial. At Dare 2 Share we have conferences, curriculum and even a free Dare 2 Share app that will help your teenagers do just that.

Our hope is that, over the course of four years, we will be able to see 1,000,000 teen-driven Gospel conversations unfold from coast-to-coast. Already, in less that 11 months, we have distributed 120,000 Life in 6 Words to youth groups across the nation. It is our prayer that every book becomes a launching pad for a serious discussion about God.

I think when we focus on real and deep conversations and not just conversions then more actual conversions will actually take place. Our prayer is that teenagers don’t just say “yes” to Jesus with their mouths but with their hearts and minds. This is a result of the Holy Spirit turning the light switch from off to on and a teenager truly explaining the whole story of the gospel in a way their friends can understand.

We are distributing a limited amount of these Life in 6 Words books free of charge to any youth leaders who will join this campaign. All you must do is commit to a prayer strategy, make sure every book is followed up with a Gospel conversation and that you give us a report back of what happened afterward. Just go to and get your free box of books right now!

Join the campaign! Give to it. Pray for it. And, if you’re a youth leader, drive it in your community…until every teenager hears the gospel from a teenager they know.

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