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21 ways to share the gospel

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

1. Take someone to church with you, go to lunch afterward and ask them how they felt about the sermon (then dive in!)
2. Write someone a letter that gently segues to the gospel. Ask them what they thought about the letter later.
3. Invite neighbors to your home Bible study and love them into the kingdom.
4. Give someone a Life in 6 Words book and follow it up with a conversation.
5. Give someone a Life Book and follow it up with a conversation.
6. Initiate a conversation with the people you are next to on the bus, plane, etc.
7. Ask a waiter/tress how you can pray for them (when you pray before a meal) tip big and leave a gospel tract.
8. Forward the Life in 6 Words video to a friend and then follow up with “What did you think of the video?”
9. Get to know a Barista and ask them how you can pray for them, then tie in the gospel when they have time to talk.
10. Go to a park with your kids, engage the other parents in conversation and tie in where you take your kids to church.
11. Evangelize people who call you at home to try to sell you something (even if they don’t believe they’ll stop selling!)
12. Share Jesus with those who call the wrong number. (I led a lady to Jesus like this. It was awesome!)
13. Learn to ask, admire and admit
14. Invite the next Mormon missionaries who come to your door in and share Jesus. Offer them snacks (but not coffee!)
15. Start everyday with the prayer, “God, give me an opportunity to share the gospel today.” He will answer. Look for it!
16. Be on the look out for natural ways to make “salvation segues” in your everyday conversations.
17. Get your teens to the closest Dare 2 Share conference. Thousands have come to Christ through them!
18. Invite someone to an outreach meeting at church or in your community and then ask them what they thought of it.
19. Start a spiritual discussion group (school, neighborhood, etc) Gospel Journey is a great resource for this!
20. Take someone to a movie with spiritual themes then go out afterward and talk about it.
21. Watch The Bible Series with another family and use it as a way to bring the gospel up (shouldn’t be difficult!)

What are some other ideas you have for sharing the gospel?

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