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The Law vs. Grace

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

Law-vs.-GraceThe Law says “You’re not good enough!”
Grace says, “Jesus is!”

The Law says, “Try! Try! Try!”
Grace says, “Trust! Trust! Trust!”

The Law says, “You must die!”
Grace says, “He died in your place!”

The Law says, “You must surrender everything to be saved!”
Grace says, “You get to surrender everything because you are saved!”

The Law says, “It will cost you everything!”
Grace says, “It cost Jesus everything!”

The Law says, “God sees your dirty heart!”
Grace says, “Jesus purified your dirty heart!”

The Law says, “You’ll never make it!”
Grace said, “Jesus made it on your behalf!”

The Law says, “Good, better, best!”
Grace says, “His atonement was good! His resurrection was better! The hope he offers is best!”

The Law says, “Turn or burn!”
Grace says, “Believe and receive!”

The Law says, “You will never measure up!”
Grace says, “Because of Jesus you don’t have to!

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