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THE Cause

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

There is a bigger mission,
One great thing left undone.
It is THE Cause of causes,
Given by the Son.

It is the quest to save the lost,
To rescue them from sin,
By sharing Jesus with those we know
So new life can begin.

Every second one person dies,
And most end up in the flames,
Forever suffering for their sins,
Racked with guilt and shame.

But their shame is ours to share
If we’ve never schemed
To reach them with the gospel,
And see their souls redeemed.

We bide our time ’til it’s too late,
We wait until they’re old.
But often by this time of life,
Their souls are dark and cold.

We must reach them while they’re young,
Unencumbered by life’s pain.
More open to the Gospel truth,
Less hardened by the strain.

We must mobilize Christian teens
To reach out to their friends
And multiply the kingdom impact
For the Lord’s own ends.

Young and old wait in the balance,
Hovering between heaven and hell.
Will you do what you can do
To make a difference now?

THE Cause it waits in silence
For you to seize the day,
To mobilize a generation
To show their friends the Way.

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