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Every Teen Everywhere

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier


Every teen needs the hope

That only Jesus can provide.

They’re wandering in the darkness

And he longs to be their guide.


Like lost sheep in the wilderness

They’re tired and scared and cold.

Waiting for someone to find them,

The Shepherd of their souls.


Some turn to sex and sin for hope.

Some turn to sports and grades

Some turn to more technology

But all these will fade.


The answer is Christ and Christ alone

Who can save them from their sin.

Only the message that Jesus died

Can bring new life from within.


But who will tell them of his love?

Who will reach them all?

Who will stand to be counted

And answer God’s high call?


We must answer with a “yes!”

Before Him we must bow.

The time is short and need is great

The question is, “but how?”


Let’s call the church to be the church

Both here and, yes, abroad.

And unleash a generation

For the Cause of God.


Let’s energize the Bride of Christ

To mobilize the youth

To gospelize a generation

By giving them the truth.


One billion teens on this planet

Hurdling toward their demise.

Now is the time for action!

Now we must arise!


Every teen, yes, everywhere

Hearing the Gospel from a friend

Accelerating the return of Jesus

And bringing in the end.


And when we hear the trumpet sound

We’ll go to be with Christ

We’ll take with us a generation

And leave this world of strife.


And as we stand before the Lord,

Our race now fully run,

From teens we’ll hear the thank you’s.

But from Christ we’ll hear “Well done.”

Greg Stier, 2017.

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