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Maui Day 3 Sand, Sunburns and Sovereignty

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

It was a beautiful beach day today. Made the drive to Makenna State Park and joined a bunch of the locals for some time in the fine sand and big waves of what is affectionately known as “big beach.”

Debbie (wife) and Kailey (daughter) basked in the sun while Jeremy (son) and I (kook) had some fun by the water.The tide was too strong for Jeremy to get in so I watched him run from the waves as they crashed on shore. He’d then run back at them, taunting them every step of the way that they couldn’t get him. There were even a few times he would bend over and shake his rear back and forth at the ocean yelling, “You’ll never catch me!” He’d take handfuls of sand and throw it at the ocean to prove his superiority and taunt it even more.Sure enough the next big wave would catch him and beat him up the shoreline as he sought to get out of water splash range. Water always wins. No human on earth, not even a confident five year old, can keep the waves at bay. The ocean is not intimidated by our taunts. It does what it does with us or without us. 

What’s true of the ocean is even more true of God. Humanity can taunt him, yell at him, throw grainy philosophies of human origins (evolution), human happiness (hedonism) and human explanations (world religions and philosophies) at God, expecting him to retreat, but like an unstoppable wave he advances. He does what he does with us or without us.The waves of God’s sovereignty (the reality of his total control of the universe) roll on, in spite of human efforts to stop him.

With The DaVinci Code now in theatres I can’t help but think of Dan Brown’s efforts to discredit Jesus from being who he was he said he was (God himself) as a five year old’s futile attempts to stop the waves from rolling in. 

P.S.  We’re still searching for the shell that contains the next clue to where Blackbeard’s treasure is hidden.


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