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Maui Day 2 Quality Time, Weird Conversations and Snorkeling

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

The weirdest conversations happen at the most unlikeliest of times, especially with a five year old. After a long day of driving to Iao State Park and enduring the drain of the rain to see what is called “The Needle” (a pin shaped mountain surrounded by lush hills and amazingly high water falls) we finally settled at a beach to teach Jeremy how to snorkel. After a false sighting of a crocodile (by Jeremy not me) we had a great time playing in the sand and the water of the beach affectionately known by the locals as Mile Marker 14.

Out of the blue on the way back to the hotel Jeremy started asking questions like,

“If I believe in Jesus will I go to heaven and will my name be written in that one book?”

I asked “Do you mean the Lamb’s book of life?”

He answered, “Yeah, that one daddy.”

I said, “Yes, Jeremy if you believe in Jesus your name is in the book forever.”

He then proceeded to ply Debbie and me with questions that ranged from what kind of bodies we will have in heaven to whether or not we need to use the restroom in on the other side of eternity.

Just when I was feeling pretty solid in my handle on Biblical truth a chatty five year old goes and messes everything up.January 2006 173.jpg

You go boooy!

P.S. We found two more clues today to where Blackbeard’s treasure is hidden!

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