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20 Chapters…40,000 words later

Greg Stier
Greg Stier

I’ve been working from early morning to late at night for the last four days or so typing furiously on my laptop. To be honest I felt your prayers. God energized me through His Holy Spirit (and several Venti Coffees from Starbuck’s) and I was able to finish two thirds of my book!

As I reflect on the truths that God taught me before I was eighteen years old and how many of these learning experiences were directly tied to some radical chain of events that unfolded in my life, I stand in awe of God’s Sovereignty. While my story is pretty, well, crazy (the book is called Call me Crazy after all) your story is no less signficant. Just know this, God is working through every situation of your young, volatile life to put together something beautiful.

Don’t resist it. Enjoy the ride even if get’s bumpy.

Anyway, here are the chapter titles that I think that I’m going to go with…

    Death encounter #1 War of the womb

    Mom, the baseball bat and the purpose of life

Shattered glass, slit wrists and sin

Death encounter #2: Poisoned

Demon dogs are after me

Jack and Jesus

Hell made me pee my pants

Bob and God

Let Jesus into my what?

Bullets, Bibles and the Burbs

Death encounter #3: Butterscotch Candy

Adam, Eve and the missing link

A bad dad will drive you mad

Yankee’s Weird, Wild and Wonderful Church

$50 worth of pennies buys a lot

Report cards on Judgment Day

The cloud that haunts me still

A whole lot of shaking going on

The Phone Call from Hell

Oh brother where art thou?

Taylor Made

The shopping mall and the essence of knowing

Holy Spirit Hustle

Death encounter #4: Massive Heart Attack

One Rogue Uncle

My Circle of Friends

Granny’s got a gun…run!

“Heaven is non-smoking ma!”

The Maker of Eric and Earth

Worship while you work

Each of these chapters ties into a truth about God that he taught me through the experience. Do you like these chapters? Any suggestions? What’s your favorite? Who loves ya?

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