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Book Retreat in Breckenridge

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

I need your prayers this week as I have been on a writing retreat in Breckenridge, CO (an expensive resort mountain town where, with the help of my father-in-law, I found a condo that rents for $49/day…HA!).

My goal? To write the majority of my new book Call Me Crazy in four straight days of hardcore writing! Yesterday was a 14 hour day of writing. I’m planning on the same today!

This book is a systematic theology meets devotional meets autobiography (of the years before I turned 18) designed to help teenagers know, live, share and own their faith. I think I’m creating my own genre of writiing! You can find it in the teen autobiographical theology section of your local Christian bookstore.

Good luck with that.

My plan is to train teens by sharing how God did a radical work in me when I was their age. I will be sharing all my crazy stories growing up and the theology that God taught me through these wild and weird experiences!

This book has been a lot of fun to write and pretty emotional at times for me as I’ve reflected back on my crazy upbringing. Its made me realize how much I miss my mom.

But more than anything it’s made me realize how much I love teenagers and long for them to know the truth of God’s Word as for themselves in a very real and revolutionary way. My prayer is that this book will help them stop living off of borrowed faith and start growing deep in the truth themselves.

My hope is to write a Christian book that Christian teens will actually read, enjoy and be transformed by!

Please pray for me!

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