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Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

For the last three summers I’ve had the privilege of speaking for Promise Keepers. It all started when I marched into their office and asked them if I could. Basically, I talked to them about letting me train all the guys at all their events that summer to share their faith. What shocked me is that they said “yes” pretty much right away. As a result our training team were able to equip over 180,000 men to share the message.

While men are not my target audience (teens are), I always enjoy doing the PK events. Besides, many of these men have teens of their own, and most of them have churches that can be plugged into Dare 2 Share. 

I really love the team at PK. They all love the Lord and do their best to produce the best and most impacting conference for men in the world!

This weekend in Raleigh, North Carolina somewhere around 8,000 guys gathered at the RBC arena where the Hurricanes play (a professional hockey team…Stanley Cup finals… ring a bell?) to worship God, learn from his Word and get unleashed with his mission and message to a world that desperately needs it. 

My talk? I dusted off the Rebels, Posers and Losers talk and “reappropriated” it to John 13 (Jesus washing the feet of the disciples.) My points? That when Jesus washed the disciples feet he was setting the pace for what it means for us to be his kind of loser. He chose the worst task (cleaning mud and manure off of the grimy feet of his disciples), did it to the worst person (Judas who was about to betray him) and at the worst time (hours before his arrest, trial and crucifixion.

I went on to talk about the rebel (Judas), the posers (the disciples who, after 3 ½ years of traveling with Jesus are still arguing about who is going to be the greatest in the kingdom) and about the ultimate loser (who lost everything to gain us.) 

My favorite part? When I get to tear off the PK shirt, buttons flying out into the audience, and expose my LOSER shirt underneath. Okay, that’s not my favorite part but it is a close second. The best part is calling the men to “choose to lose” by taking a stand. I praise the Lord for how the men responded. Suffice it to say that we have 8,000 more losers who have joined the revolution.

Pray for me as I prepare for one more PK (Colorado Springs), two more festivals (Creation East and West) and The Purpose Driven Student Leadership Conference. In addition I am working on the new training manual, skits and drama (with my good friends Joby and Paul) for the Game Day tour. 

Busy summer. But its off to a great start! 

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