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Super Bowl Sunday: A Huge Opportunity

Super Bowl Sunday is one of the best occasions—outside of Christmas and Easter—to strike up a Gospel conversation.
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Greg Stier
The entrance to a stadium before sunset, lights on. To signify the anticipation of the event to come

Super Bowl LVII is upon us.

For diehard football fans, it’s a time of fulfillment. This game is the payoff after months of spectating, week after week in the living room rooting for your team—rejoicing with their losses and grieving their defeats.

For party hosts, it’s a time of preparation. The meal and snacks need to be planned. The ingredients bought, the dishes put together for one of the most anticipated gatherings of the year.

For Christians, it’s a time of opportunity.

Super Bowl Sunday is one of the best occasions—outside of Christmas and Easter—to strike up a Gospel conversation. Your closest friends and their entire families come over, happy and ready to eat, watch football, and make small talk.

Commercial breaks, gatherings around the snack counter, and midgame banter can all lead to segues to a Gospel conversation. This weekend presents an opportunity for any sharing style.

Not sure where to start?

Always begin in prayer. God is using us to gather lost souls to Himself. We depend on the Lord for His grace, His wisdom, and His divine encounters. Ask the Holy Spirit to calm your nerves. Ask Him to give you an eye for the opportunities as they present themselves. Pray He gives you the words to say and calls to mind any Scriptures that might be helpful.

A lot of the population will be watching the commercials more than they will the game. There’s almost always a commercial or two holding a message of faith.

Transitioning to a Gospel conversation can be as simple as saying, “I thought that commercial was really interesting. What did you think?”

Or, “I think that commercial was talking about God caring about us. Do you think God cares about you?”

Resources you could use:

This simple acrostic clearly lays out the whole story of the Good News of Jesus, and you can easily take someone through it using the free Life in 6 Words app.

This five-minute video on how to have a Gospel conversation can give you some mental bullet points to work off as game time approaches. I encourage you to take full advantage of the opportunity. If you share the Gospel, the game will be a victory—no matter which team wins!

Learn to Share the GOSPEL in 5 Minutes! // 5 Minute Crash Course with Greg Stier

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