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10 Worst Ways to Share the Gospel This Thanksgiving

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier
There are good ways and bad ways to share the Gospel... here are ten of the worst ways this thanksgiving

1.  When nobody’s looking, hide Gospel tracts in the body cavity of the turkey (along with the stuffing). When your guests discover them, act surprised and call it a miracle.

2.  Start the Thanksgiving prayer by saying: “Lord, bless the food on the table, and save the sinners around it.”

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3.  Dress up like a pilgrim, and run amok at the shopping mall while handing out King James Version Bibles to everyone who will take one. Be sure to outrun the mall cops who will be chasing you.

4.  Use a whipped-cream canister to spray John 3:16 on the pumpkin pie.

5.  On Thanksgiving Day, dress up like a turkey and stand at a busy intersection, twirling a sign that reads: “I’m ready to die today. Are you?”

6.  Put in a VeggieTales DVD, right in the middle of the football game.

7.  Instead of going around the table and having everyone share something they’re grateful for, have everyone answer the question: “On a scale from 1–10, how sure are you of your eternal salvation and why?“

8.  Instead of inviting your neighbors to a “Turkey Bowl football game at a nearby park, invite them to an old-fashioned “sword drill Bible quiz competition in your living room.

9.  Begin dinner with these words: “This turkey gave his life for us, and so did someone else….“

10. Infuse the cranberry sauce with a habanero extract. When your guests react to the extreme heat, say something like: “That’s nothing compared with the hotness of Hell.“

Of course this blog post is a joke. 🙂 Please don’t do any of these 10 ideas.

How about this instead? Start a conversation with someone this Thanksgiving by asking them what they’re most thankful for this season. Then if they ask you the same question, say something like: “I’m thankful for so many things, but what I’m most thankful for is my relationship with Jesus Christ.“ Then let the conversation flow like Thanksgiving gravy!

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